What cards of Ukraine were issued in 1918

There are two original cartographic images of Ukraine as of the first post-revolutionary year. One is the most widespread on the Internet from the historical maps of Ukraine in 1918. It was published in Kharkov at the beginning of the winter of the same year, when the Central Rada of the UPR had just proclaimed the independence of Ukraine.

The second guaranteed authentic map of Ukraine from 1918, a historical relic, published in Austria (Vienna). It was kept in private hands for a long time, until in 2011 it was transferred to the historical museum of the city of Lviv. The discovery of this document was of great importance. The peculiarity of this map is that the borders of the Ukrainian state were indicated on it for the first time in its history (at the time of the map issue, in the fall of 1918 – the Ukrainian state).

The borders of the Ukrainian state in 1918 covered part of the territory of modern Belarus, Transnistria, as well as part of the territory of the Russian Federation (eastern Slobozhanshchina, on the site of the Voronezh and Kursk regions – two hundred and fifty kilometers deep into the Russian border). Also, Ukraine claimed the territory of the Crimean Peninsula and Krasnodar Territory.

The aforementioned maps fixed Ukraine at a time when its statehood was taking shape, and the population was actively developing a national identity.

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