Maps of Ukraine

There are about 70 varieties of maps of Ukraine. Each of them represents particular aspects of the country’s structure along with its rich cultural and historical heritage. The acquaintance with various types of map-based information is useful both for foreigners who come to stay or live in the Ukrainian state and for its citizens who would like to learn more about their homeland.

Ukraine: A Country’s Map for All Occasions

Among the most popular and used maps are:

  1. Administrative map of Ukraine with oblasts (regions), districts, and cities. This type is intended for those who would like to know what administrative divisions the Ukrainian state consists of. In the current interpretation, it includes both the Crimea and the Donbas’ Oblasts (Luhansk and Donetsk), which fell under Russia’s control. This is explained by the fact that the world community still considers these territories as Ukrainian. However, since 2014, there is already a separate map of Ukraine without these regions.
  2. Geographical map provides an overall picture of the Ukrainian territory and graphically illustrates the coverage of the territory, the country’s scale, and the terrain with its mountains, rivers, and valleys, etc. If the large-scale variety is chosen, it allows one to see individual objects on the ground, localities, peculiarities of the vegetation and soil cover, hydrography, etc.
  3. Road map. This type is designed to help those who travel by car or interurban transport. Such a map of Ukraine with cities and roads allows one to find or calculate a route between particular localities to reduce the mileage, find a shorter route, etc.
  4. Photo and interactive map. Photomaps are well known to everyone since school, but thanks to computer technology, more and more interactive maps are becoming available. They combine the advantages of large-, medium-, and small-scale terrain images, allowing one to switch between a general overview and a detailed examination of particular places or objects at any time, if necessary.

And these are only the most basic maps, as there are also old historical, political, environmental, and many other types. Thus, in the circumstances of the 2020 pandemic, a map was published showing the COVID-19 infection risk level in particular regions and localities.

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