Ukraine: getting to know each other from space

One glance at Ukraine from a height of several hundred kilometers will tell about its geography faster and more clearly than a whole chapter from a textbook. On the satellite map of Ukraine, it is an Eastern European country washed by the Black Sea in the south and the Azov Sea in the southeast. It shares borders with Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia, through the Black Sea it is connected with Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey.

An area of ​​600,000 km², makes Ukraine the second largest state in Europe after Russia, it is twice the size of Italy and quite a bit smaller than the US state of Texas.

From above it is clearly visible that the landscape of the country is mainly plains and plateaus. There are also mountain ranges, the highest peak of Ukraine – Mount Hoverla (height 2,061 meters above sea level) in the Carpathians.

The longest river and an important transport artery is the Dnieper with its two large reservoirs – Kremenchug and Kakhovsky.

A map of Ukraine from a satellite in real time allows you not only to see the whole country as a whole, but also each region and settlement separately. Rivers, lakes, state borders – the Google Maps service makes it possible to see all this from above, just as if you were looking at the Earth from a satellite.

Moreover, if you wish, you can see roads, streets and even individual houses in cities and large villages on the map. The most detailed view can be achieved by zooming in on the map.

A satellite map of Ukraine will not only show every corner of the country at the present time (indicating the exact coordinates and weather indicators), but will also help pave any route and even take a virtual excursion. For example, to stroll through the City Garden in Kiev and see the monument to Anna Akhmatova, you need to enlarge the satellite map of the Ukrainian capital and drag a special icon (little man figurine) from the lower right corner to the place of interest on the map.

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