Vinnytsia is a regional Ukrainian city. Administrative, social, cultural center of the Vinnytsia region. Distance from the capital of Ukraine Kiev – 200 kilometers to the south-west.

Historians argue about the origin of the name. Known versions:

  • the settlement is located near the Vinnichka river;
  • here in the distilleries from time immemorial they made “wine beers”.

The city appeared on the banks of the Southern Bug – a large river flowing in the south-west of the country. From the satellite map, two unequal parts are visible – the Right Bank, where Vinnitsa originated, and the Left Bank. The river banks are connected by three road bridges. In addition to the Southern Bug, other rivers flow through Vinnitsa. Lakes are visible.

The urban area is vast – about 120 square kilometers. The blocks are sparsely built up due to water bodies located within the city limits. The map of the administrative-territorial structure includes 3 urban areas. The historical center is located in the right-bank Zamostyansky district.