See Poltava on the map

The history of Poltava is deeply rooted in the past. Archaeologists insist that a settlement existed on the site of this city already in the 9th century. Poltava occupies a place in the north-east of the country at a distance of 300 km from Kiev, along the river Vorskla. The small river Kolomak runs along the eastern part of the city, and along the perimeter it is surrounded by a large number of forests. In all districts and throughout the territory of the urban district, large and small, natural and artificially created reservoirs are scattered.

The history of Poltava is rich in tragic events; many armed conflicts took place on this territory. The most famous battle won in the Northern War in the confrontation with the Swedes under the leadership of Charles XII is called Poltava by historians. By the beginning of the 19th century, the city developed into a major cultural and industrial center. By that time, about 40 enterprises, several schools and colleges were functioning here, an institute and a cadet corps were opened. At the same time, construction began on the original Round Square, from which the main streets of the city diverge. Unique in its performance, it has become the hallmark of Poltava for a long time.

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