Kharkiv on the map

At a distance of 26 km from the border with Russia in the southern direction is one of the megalopolises of Ukraine – Kharkiv, whose population is almost 1.5 million people. In terms of territory and population, it ranks second among other cities of Ukraine and is even included in the list of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. The total area on which Kharkiv is located is more than 350 km2. Several rivers flow through its lands, and the borders in the north and west are marked by forests and large lakes.

The city is rightfully called the scientific center of the country; the largest state universities, several academies and scientific laboratories are located on its territory. In addition, it is also a large industrial and transport center. Streets, avenues and boulevards of Kharkiv (the total number of which is close to 450), together with transport arteries, form a fan pattern, originating in the city center and radially diverging to its outskirts. Most of the city streets were named after the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War and Heroes of Labor. There are also many streets named after artists, architects and politicians who have left their mark on history.

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