Vinnytsia region on the map

Ukraine. On the right bank, in the east of Podillya, is the Vinnytsia region. On the north side it is adjacent to the Zhytomyr region, on the south side with the Odessa region and Moldova. The eastern neighbors are Cherkasy, Kirovograd and Kiev regions, the western part borders on the Khmelnytsky region and Chernivtsi. The main area of ​​the region lies on the Podolsk and Predneprovsk uplands (362 meters above sea level and 323, respectively).

The whole area of ​​the Vinnytsia region is a wavy plain. From the northeastern side, it rises and decreases in the southern part. The southwestern part of the region is largely indented by numerous valleys of the left tributaries of the Dniester. The Southern Bug River flows through the central section with a large number of its tributaries. In the southwest, at the very border of the region, the Dniester flows with its tributaries, such as Lyadovka, Murafa and many others. Small shipping is highly developed on the rivers, and they are also used as sources of hydropower.

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