The city of Yekaterinoslavl (today Dnepropetrovsk) was called the third state capital during the existence of the Russian Empire. At the end of the 18th century, a rapid development of trade and industry began on this territory, and very soon the settlement was given the status of a city. Today Dnepropetrovsk occupies a rather vast territory on the map near the eastern borders of Ukraine. It is divided into two unequal parts by the Dnieper River. On the eastern side of the urban district there is a large reservoir named after A. IN AND. Lenin, which was formed at the junction of the Samara River with its tributaries – Tatarka and Kilchenya.

7 road bridges have been built across the riverbeds in this place and are currently in use. A significant part of the western side of the city is occupied by numerous large and small reservoirs. From a satellite, you can see that the location of the streets of Dnepropetrovsk itself is a highly ramified system. A network of avenues and highways in a complex scheme connect together all the districts of the city, passing on the outskirts into wide highways diverging in different directions.