Dnipro on a Map

The city of Ekaterinoslavl (today Dnipro) was called the third state capital of the Russian Empire. At the end of the 18th century, this area showed a rapid development of trade and industry, and, very soon, the settlement was given the status of a city. Today, Dnipro occupies quite a large territory near the eastern borders of Ukraine. The Dnieper River divides it into two unequal parts. On the eastern side of the urban district, there is a large reservoir, which was formed at the junction of the Samara River with its tributaries — the Tatarka and the Kilchenya.

Seven automobile bridges, which are currently in use, have been built across the riverbeds in this place. A significant part of the city’s western side is occupied by numerous large and small reservoirs. As a satellite shows, the streets’ arrangement of Dnipro itself forms a highly extensive system. A network of avenues and highways connect all the city districts through a complex scheme, transforming on the outskirts into wide highways that diverge in different directions.

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