Lviv on a Map

Lviv is one of the seven largest cities of Ukraine. On a satellite map, one can see where Lviv is located, what districts it is divided into, as well as natural and administrative objects. A very beautiful city, Lviv, was founded in the 13th century.

From the earliest stage, it began to rapidly develop under the rule of Daniel of Galicia. With each century, the city saw different rulers, people from other countries came, and in the 15th century, Jesuit monks settled here. They managed to take control over the princely treasury and also initiated the construction of beautiful churches on the fortification’s territory. Lviv is administratively subdivided into 6 districts.

Halytskyi District locates the historical center. This very area was a fortified princely palace with towers in the 13-14th centuries. Peter I also brought a contribution to the city’s development. When his carriage entered the city, it was bogged down in the mud in the market square, and the Russian ruler ordered it to be laid out with wooden blocks.

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