Khmelnitsky is one of the largest cities in western Ukraine. It has a rich six-hundred-year history, which begins with a small settlement of Ploskirov. The city is located on the banks of the Southern But River, which is clearly visible from the satellite. But the area also boasts other bodies of water.

South Booth divides the city into two parts. Therefore, in the city you can see many bridges, which are marked on the maps and schemes of Khmelnytsky. The areas of the right and left banks are connected by six road and three railway bridges. The right bank, where the city center is located, is considered to be a historically important part. After all, it was there that the village of Ploskirov appeared.

The population of Khmelnytsky is over 270 thousand people. The city is divided into six districts. Each of them is provided with shopping centers, industrial enterprises, educational and medical institutions and suburban bus stations.

The development of the territory does not have a clear structure: parks, all kinds of green spaces, rivers make the neighborhoods uneven.