Kremenchuk on the map

Kremenchuk is a regional center in the Poltava region (central part of Ukraine). It is located on both sides of the Dnieper, the territory stretched from north to south in a strip no more than 8 km wide. Surrounded by forests and numerous bodies of water.

Initially, there was a fishing farm on the left side of the Dnieper near the ferry. Later, by order of King Sigismund II of Poland, the construction of a small wooden fortress with a palisade and an earthen rampart was begun here to protect against the Crimean Tatars. The Chigirinsky regiment was stationed there. The official date of the foundation of the city is considered to be 1571. On the right bank in 1637, the Cossacks formed the Kryukovsky Posad, in 1796 it became part of Kremenchug.

The city is divided into two districts: Avtozavodskaya and Kryukovskiy. The first includes the main industrial areas, the second – mostly residential (the left-bank historical center of Kremenchug with a train station and Kryukov beyond the river).

Transport (road and rail) communication across the Dnieper is carried out using the Kryukovsky bridge. The Alexandria – Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk – Kiev highways also pass through Kremenchug. There are two railway stations serving long-distance trains. There is a large port and an airfield.

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