Chernihiv region on the map

The Chernihiv region is located near the border of Russia and Belarus, namely with the Bryansk and Gomel regions. And on the territory of the country in the south, west and east it borders on the Poltava, Kiev and Sumy regions, respectively.

The East European Plain, on which the Chernihiv region is located, determines the flat nature of the landscape, the elevations do not exceed a height of 50-150 meters above sea level.

The area is rich in rivers, of which there are more than 1000, and the total length is 8.5 km. The largest of them are: Dnieper, Daughter, Desna, Snov, Strizhen, Ubed, Oster, Diet, Udai.

The region boasts of its natural protected objects, the total number of which is currently 610. The most famous of them are the Mezinsky and Ichnyansky national parks and the regional Mezhrechensky landscape park. The Red Book of Ukraine includes many animals living in the region.

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