What is displayed on the political map of Ukraine

The political map of Ukraine reflects the borders of the state and its territorial and administrative division. The map shows the dotted line border between Ukraine and neighboring states, as well as the seas surrounding its territory: Black and Azov. Ukraine has seven neighboring countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova. Also, all waterways, main highways and railways, as well as sea routes connecting cities and neighboring countries are plotted on the political map.

The total length of state borders is 6993 km, of which land – about 5638 km, sea: Black Sea – 1057 km and Azov – 250 km.

The political map of Ukraine with regions is a geographical map with the territories of 24 regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and two cities with a special status: Kiev (the capital of the state) and Sevastopol (a “stumbling block” in relations between Ukraine and Russia). In addition, settlements are indicated: cities, towns, villages. The territories of neighboring regions are painted in different colors to visually distinguish them from each other.

In the lower right corner is the so-called “legend” of the map with symbols and their decoding applied to it.

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