Ternopil on a Map

In the western part of Ukraine, spreads out the city of Ternopil, occupying a fairly large part of the area.  It is one of the largest settlements located on the banks of the Seret River. Its founder is considered to be Jan Amor Tarnowski, who began the construction of a small settlement there in the 16th century. The territory of the urban district includes several quite large as well as numerous small rivers and reservoirs. Some time ago, not far from the city’s southern border, there was another river — the Rudka, but today it has completely dried up.

Ternopil is rightly called one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities. It is for this reason that the entire industrial zone, including factories and enterprises, was moved to its northern outskirts. This ensured residential areas’ protection against pollution from exhaust and industrial waste. For the convenience and efficiency of the enterprises, railway lines were brought to them. On the Ternopil’s territory itself, there are several large, comfortable, and well-groomed park areas.

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