The city of Sumy is a district and regional center. Located in the north-east of Ukraine. Within the boundaries of the settlement there are a significant number of water bodies: the Psel, the river Sumka (formerly Suma), which flows into it, with its tributaries Strelka (formerly Sumka) and Popad’ka, Lake Chekha, hydro-quarries. On the northern and northeastern sides, there are forest plantations and the Tokarevsky forest.

The origin of the city’s name is ambiguous. The most likely – the name appeared thanks to the rivers washing it. But according to legend, hunting bags full of gold were once found here in the forest. The legend was reflected in the coat of arms of the city in 1781 – three black bags with sashes and gold buttons against the background of a rectangular shield.

The city was founded as part of the Belgorod line of fortifications, protecting the south of Russia from the Crimean Tatars. The wooden Sumy fortress was built in 1656-1658, it was the location of the Cossack regiment. The names of the current streets remind of that period.

Sumy is a very busy transport interchange. Highways connect it with neighboring areas. There is a central bus station and a bus station, and many intercity buses pass. An international airport has been opened since 1978. It accepts non-scheduled flights by prior arrangement. The following railway stations operate: Central (is the station of the Southern Railway, accepts long-distance trains) and Sumy-Tovarny (serves suburban electric trains).