Rivers of Ukraine: not recognizing borders

Rivers of Ukraine on the map with names have about 160 blue arteries 100 km long or more. A characteristic feature: almost all large rivers flowing through the territory of the country flow into the Black Sea. The exception is the Western Bug (its basin is 2% of the country’s area), which flows into the Baltic in Poland.

Map of rivers of Ukraine: the largest of the large

Dnieper – its basin covers about 65% of the territory of Ukraine, length – 2,290 km. The origins of this largest Ukrainian river are in the Russian Federation. It has almost 15 thousand tributaries, the largest are Ingulets, Desna and Pripyat. The Dnieper flows through 25 cities of the country, the largest of which are Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Cherkassy, ​​Kremenchug.

Dniester (length 1,362 km) – originates in the Lviv region in western Ukraine and flows to the southeast. Then it flows through the territory of Moldova and again returns to Ukraine – about 50 km before its mouth in the Black Sea. The Dniester basin occupies about 12% of the country’s area.

Danube (length 2,860 km) – the second largest river in Europe originates in the Black Forest mountains in Germany and flows through the territory of 10 states. The last 120 km of the Danube, before reaching the Black Sea, forms the natural border between Ukraine and Romania. Some of its tributaries originate in the Ukrainian Carpathians and flow through the territory of neighboring states. For example, the Tisza flows from Ukraine to Hungary, and the Prut flows to Romania and Moldova. In general, Ukraine accounts for 7.5% of the Danube basin.

Northern Donets – the basin of this largest (1,053 km long) river in the east of Ukraine occupies about 4% of the country’s territory. It originates in the Russian Federation, then flows about 450 km across Ukraine and again returns to Russia, where it flows into the Don.

Rivers of Ukraine: internal and small

Southern Bug – from the source to the mouth flows only in Ukraine. The length is 806 km, the basin area is about 3% of the country’s territory. It flows through cities such as Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia and Nikolaev.

A detailed map of the rivers of Ukraine with names shows that about 7% of the country’s territory belongs to the conditional coastal basin. It includes all small rivers flowing directly into the Azov and Black Seas. 

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