The famous Odessa is located on the southern borders of Ukraine. Thanks to satellite images, you can see in detail the features of the city and its borders. Most of Odessa is located on the very coast of the Black Sea, stretching out on the flat terrain of the bay area. The presence of direct access to the sea made it possible to form a naval base here.

The city itself is famous for its beauty and cultural and historical attractions. Its historical center was included in the UNESCO lists as a cultural heritage of Ukraine. In addition to the developed sanatorium and resort activities, which is a consequence of the proximity of the sea coast, such industries as oil refining and mechanical engineering are also successfully functioning and developing in Odessa. The Dniester River flowing through the urban district provides water supply not only to the city, but also to all adjacent settlements. Odessa beaches, which are tens of kilometers long, are famous and popular in many countries.