Chernihiv on the map

Chernihiv is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine with a long history, rich in various events. It is located in the north of the country and is one of the largest regional, transport and industrial centers. The Strizhen River passes through its territory; and from the south and southeast, the Desna River and a vast forest area act as a border. Here, along the river Desna, there are many large and small reservoirs.

The entire industrial zone of Chernigov, factories and production that can harm the ecology of the city with their harmful emissions, have been removed from residential areas. They are located in the distance, on the eastern and northwestern outskirts of the urban district. The location of transport routes and the configuration of residential areas of the city form a clear rectangular structure with a predominance of parallel and perpendicular lines. The main strategic object is the M-01 motorway. A considerable number of streets and avenues bear the names assigned to them during the existence of the Soviet Union. For the implementation of intercity communication in Chernihiv, there are two bus stations, as well as an airport and a river station.

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