Dneprodzerzhinsk on the map

Dneprodzerzhinsk is a Ukrainian city located in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The Dnieper River flows in the middle of the city. It splits Dneprodzerzhinsk into left and right banks. To get from one bank to the other, you need to cross a large road bridge. There is also a reservoir dam. On the right bank of the river, you can see industrial facilities and most of the city itself. The population of the city is over 250 thousand people.

The left bank is inhabited by only 1/3 of the population. The left bank, in contrast to the right, is quite small in area, but does not have any polluting enterprises and factories. For this, it is considered environmentally friendly. However, it is remote from the city center and industrial areas. It is often difficult for people to get to the other side. Most of the townspeople love to visit the large islands located on the Dnieper River. They are considered a favorite vacation spot in the city.

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