Kherson region on the map

The total area of ​​the territory of the Kherson region is 28,461 km², while it stretches 180 km from north to south, and 258 km from west to east. The territory of the region is located in the steppe zone on both banks of the lower reaches of the Dnieper – the main waterway. The Dnieper divides the territory into the right bank and the left bank (the left bank has the second name Northern Tavria) and stretches for 178 km. Another equally large river is the Ingulets. Its length within the region is 180 km.

In total, there are 19 rivers on the territory of the Kherson region. The southern shores of the region are washed by the Black and Azov Seas, as well as by the waters of the Kakhovka Reservoir and the Sivash Bay. Access to the basins of two seas, as well as the location of a large hydrographic network on the territory of the region makes its geographical position quite advantageous, since it makes it possible to use sea and river transport, as well as to develop a tourist destination.

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