Kremenchuk on the map

Kremenchuk is a regional center in the Poltava region (central part of Ukraine). It is located on both sides of the Dnieper, the territory stretched from north to south in a strip no more than 8 km wide. Surrounded by forests and numerous bodies of water. Initially, there was a fishing farm on the left […]

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Chernihiv region on the map

The Chernihiv region is located near the border of Russia and Belarus, namely with the Bryansk and Gomel regions. And on the territory of the country in the south, west and east it borders on the Poltava, Kiev and Sumy regions, respectively. The East European Plain, on which the Chernihiv region is located, determines the […]

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Kyiv on a Map

Kyiv is the well-known capital of Ukraine. Being the most populated megacity in the country, it is also the largest in terms of area. It is located on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper River, which, thanks to the regulating effect, forms a considerable number of water bodies within the city. National parks and rich […]

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Kherson region on the map

The total area of ​​the territory of the Kherson region is 28,461 km², while it stretches 180 km from north to south, and 258 km from west to east. The territory of the region is located in the steppe zone on both banks of the lower reaches of the Dnieper – the main waterway. The […]

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Kharkiv region on the map

In the northeastern part, on the banks of the legendary Ukrainian rivers Dnieper and Don, the Kharkiv region is spread. It occupied 31,418 km2 and became the fourth largest in the country. Located in the steppe and forest-steppe zones, it borders on several Ukrainian regions (Donetsk, Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy and Dnepropetrovsk), as well as the […]

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Odessa region on the map

Odessa region is located on the picturesque Black Sea lowland. In the north, it borders on the Kirovograd and Vinnitsa territories. In the west with the state of Moldova and unrecognized Transnistria. In the east, it has common borders with the Nikolaev region. With Romania in the southwest. From the east and south-west it is […]

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Donetsk region on the map

Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov regions of Ukraine are adjacent to Donetsk in the southwest and northwest. Luhansk and Zaporozhye regions approach it from the north-east and west. In the southeast, the region is adjacent to Russia (Rostov region), and on the south, the border runs along the Sea of ​​Azov. Donetsk region stretches from south to […]

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Kiev region on the map

Kiev oblast. – one of the constituent parts of the country Ukraine. The occupied area is 28 121 square kilometers. The region is located in the middle reaches of the Dnieper River. The region is mainly located on the right bank. Kiev oblast. its northern part occupied the Polesie lowland, and the left-bank (eastern) – […]

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Sumy on a Map

The city of Sumy is a district and regional center located in the northeast of Ukraine. Within the city’s boundaries, there is a significant number of water bodies: the Psel River and the Sumka (formerly the Suma) flowing into it along with the tributaries the Strelka (formerly the Sumka) and the Popadka, Lake Chekha, as […]

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