We comprehend that moving can be both stressful and chaotic. From planning and packing to discarding old items and acquiring new ones, there’s a lot to juggle. But don’t worry! This blog is here to help you create a systematic plan for a smoother moving experience. We’ve compiled a list of the best moving apps to assist with organization, packing, and settling into your new home. These tools, recommended by Greenwich CT Movers, will help make your transition seamless.

Let’s start by exploring some useful apps for organizing and planning your move.


Sortly is an inventory management service with a delightful app that makes packing for a move a breeze. With Sortly, you can create detailed lists of your items, group them, and even attach QR code labels to each box to keep track of what’s inside.

This makes it super easy to manage your stuff and make sure nothing gets lost during the move. Just scan a QR code to see what’s in a box, making unpacking and finding things a lot simpler. You can also add photos and notes for each item, which is great for keeping tabs on valuable or fragile stuff. Sortly offers monthly plans from $25 to $59, but there’s also a free version just for moving, which is awesome for anyone on a budget.


If you’re planning a small move and need to move only a few items, Dolly is the app for you. This handy app lets you hire local workers and truck owners for your moving, delivery, and hauling needs. It’s perfect for apartment moves in big cities like NYC, where people often have fewer things and no car.

Dolly’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to book help for various tasks. For car owners, Dolly offers labor-only movers to help with loading, unloading, moving furniture, and handling bulky items. The app provides clear pricing and lets you choose helpers based on their ratings and reviews. Plus, Dolly’s assistants can help with donation drop-offs, storage transfers, and trash disposal, covering all aspects of your move.


Todoist is great for list-makers! Moving can be stressful, but a task management app can make the process way smoother. Besides the big tasks like packing, moving, and unpacking, there are tons of smaller tasks like transferring utilities, setting up rent or mortgage payments, and updating your address with the post office.

Todoist lets you create detailed checklists and set deadlines so you never miss an important step. You can also transfer your task lists with family or roommates, making it easy to delegate tasks. With Todoist, you can effortlessly keep track of everything. Pricing ranges from $3 to $5 per month, with a free plan also available, making it an affordable option for staying organized during your move.


TaskRabbit is a top-notch free app for moving tasks and finding freelancers for quick help. Whether you need lawn care, IKEA furniture assembly, or help moving items, you’ll find capable helpers on the app. It’s especially handy for last-minute planners, as same-day help is often available, particularly in major cities.

TaskRabbit lets you browse through profiles of potential helpers, complete with ratings, reviews, and hourly rates, so you can make an informed choice. If you suddenly decide you don’t want to handle your move alone and need professional movers, TaskRabbit is a great pick! The app also offers secure payment and customer support to ensure a smooth experience.

Apps for Buying and Selling Items When Moving

moving time
Moving time

According to Movers in Greenwich CT, moving often reveals items you no longer need or have space for. Rather than discarding them, consider selling these items to earn some extra cash.


OfferUp stands as the premier marketplace for buying and selling gadgets locally. To sell an item, simply snap a photo, write a brief report, and set a price. Buyers can contact you through the app, make offers, and arrange pickups. While listing items is free, sellers have the option to “boost” their listings for increased visibility.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has emerged as a favored platform for buying and selling secondhand items, particularly during moves. Much like traditional newspaper classifieds, you can list items you no longer need. It’s also an excellent resource for finding affordable, used furniture to furnish your new home.


Moving doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal. By leveraging the right tools and services, you can transform what is often a stressful experience into an organized and manageable process. The apps highlighted in this guide are designed to assist you at every step, from planning and packing to finding new homes for unwanted items.

With Sortly, Dolly, Todolist, TaskRabbit, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace, you’ll have the support you need for a successful and efficient move. Remember, the key to a soft transition is smart planning and utilizing the available resources. Happy moving!

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