Travelling alone: mobile apps for making friends around the world

When you travel alone, you can meet people from all over the world. Modern technology allows you to do it much easier and faster. Mobile applications allow you to communicate in real time with locals, which will make the trip more enjoyable.

Couchsurfing Travel

It’s an app and, at the same time, an international movement of free travelers. Its main function is to find free accommodation and communicate. The user needs to choose a city, the date of the intended trip, and the desired accommodation: a hostel or a private room.

Then you need to study the profiles of local residents who meet the requirements and send a request. For example, the host agrees or refuses if the accommodation is already booked or he will be away from home that day.

Locals will tell you about events in the city, where to go, and what to see. It is worth remembering: every host has rules that are recommended to follow. For example, return home by 11 pm, answer the phone, etc.


The application is similar to a social network. After registration, it is necessary to fill out a profile, specify the language the user wants to learn and find locals with whom to practice it. It is possible to choose the communication format: phone or video call, correspondence.

Using this application, the user can improve language skills and find friends from different countries. In the service, you can find people who are near. This option is especially relevant when traveling abroad. All it is necessary to do: turn on geolocation, see who is nearby and make an appointment.



The app allows you to find friends who speak the same language as the user. The service is quickly gaining popularity due to the possibility to choose the interlocutor’s language, which simplifies communication. FlipTheTrip is designed for travelers to find like-minded people quickly.

The application will choose a companion taking into account your interests, as well as time of arrival to the chosen country or city, age, and other parameters. It will show the travelers who are near at the moment. The service allows you to write to people without restrictions – a list of all potential new friends and travel companions is displayed. You can also put a marker on the map for locals to write themselves.


A social networking application for tourists and travelers where users can start their own channel and share their experiences, and post photos and videos from their trips.

The service allows you not only to communicate. You can book a hotel room and buy tickets for tours, excursions, and events. The user will be able to get all this at the best price. In addition, there is an easy reservation cancellation and a cashback of up to 10%.

The application will make it easy to find like-minded people because, going on a trip, everyone sets a certain goal. Some want to just relax and get positive emotions from visiting sights and exotic places. Others prefer an extreme vacation, while others aim to make unforgettable photos and videos to share with others.


The app allows you to hire locals from around the world for a personalized tour that will tell you about interesting places and sights. It will help explore the city and see it through the eyes of the natives. As a result, the user will get a new friend with whom to have an exciting time.

Mobile apps greatly enhance the travel experience and allow you to meet interesting people. Going on a trip, it is enough to install one of them, log in and enjoy communication.

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