Travel without guides, with mobile apps: pros and cons

When traveling, you want a break from computers and mobile gadgets, but take your time leaving them at home. The smartphone can become a guide, tour operator, and translator. To do this, install special travel apps and create an account in them.

This will provide a comfortable vacation and significantly save money on the trip. This article contains the most popular apps for mobile gadgets that will make your trip unforgettable.


The service will make your smartphone a personal guide. It provides a lot of routes to any destination in Europe, and it is an excellent alternative to a tour guide for those who prefer to travel alone.

The application is designed to ensure comfortable use, even if the user is abroad. For example, all tours are available for download so that you can use them offline, and the built-in navigation system will determine its location and offer the best tours. If the user is in Paris, the service will quickly determine what interesting things to see in this particular city.

World Explorer

It was translated as: “Guide to the world,” which is the best way to display its purpose. With it, you can go on a journey alone. The developers have done everything to optimize the tool for displaying any diagonal, which allows using it on any mobile gadget.

Service will determine the user’s location and will offer attractions that will be of interest to him. The database includes hundreds of thousands of excursions for all tastes, among which are quite rare.



The application will help you quickly navigate to any populated area, from the world’s capital to small towns. You can encounter a list of places of interest, as well as places to eat, places for interesting walks, and entertainment.

Musement supports about 350 destinations worldwide, and for the 25 most popular cities, it can create a customized travel plan based on the user’s preferences.

Like a Local

The application is suitable for those who have already seen all the famous sights and got acquainted with all the popular tourist destinations. In the service, locals recommend interesting places to visit and organize excursions.

In addition, in the application, you can communicate with like-minded people and ask questions to the townspeople. It is possible to save routes and maps to use them when there is no connection to the network. The guide is paid, costing about $2 for each city.


A convenient and straightforward app for travel planning. With its help, it is feasible to organize a trip, define on what day the user wants to visit certain sights, and build routes between several cities and countries.

You can find up to 150 places of interest, recreation, museums, and parks in each city, and every one is accompanied by a brief description, photos, information about the mode of operation, and the cost of visiting, and marked on the map. The map can be downloaded and abused offline.

Traveling on your own is no less interesting than with a guide on a tour you bought in advance. It gives you the possibility to save money and not depend on the tour operator or the rest of the group. Therefore, before exploring new places, it is recommended to install one of the applications from the selection. It will allow you to find interesting routes and excursions anywhere in the world.

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