The architecture of the mobile application and its essence

The development of any mobile application involves the development of the architecture of its code. The better the architecture, the easier it is to make changes to code, test it and increase its whole readability. Poor-quality architecture can increase the risk of errors in program functioning.

Only competent developers can create quality mobile apps architecture. It is a complex work that requires creativity, talent, skill and experience. In this article, we will learn what the architecture of a mobile application code is and the main features of its choice.

Architecture of the mobile application

Today, there are several popular architectures, such as MVC, MVP, MVM and VIPER. Each of them is perfect for creating relationships between components of the mobile application. Each application consists of a considerable number of so-called screens, so each screen includes the display of details in the screen and their software implementation, in turn. These factors are the basis of any code architecture.

With mobile applications architecture, all programs can store data securely. As a result, users make accurate queries using the API and run interactions with the internal database and their digital moves.

Choosing the architecture of the mobile application

There are several criteria that have value in the issue of choosing the architecture of mobile applications:

  • simplicity and comfort of its implementation. This factor includes the developer understanding the concept of architecture and the principles of its use in a particular application;
  • the principle of shared responsibility. The architecture levels of one application can be interrelated to some extent;
  • complexity of implementation of new functions. This is a factor that determines the length of the development process for applications;
  • flexibility in testing. The developer should evaluate the stability of his program in time;
  • the size of architecture documentation.
mobile application development
Mobile application development

When the developer chooses architecture for his further mobile application, he spends a lot of hours and resources. However, the responsible developer will try to reduce the number of failures in the architecture of the code to a minimum, and reduce the time for adding new features to the program. All these processes should not aggravate the quality of the code.

In the process of choosing architecture, you should remember that a perfect architecture does not have repeating code components and strong links between them. At the same time, to build quality and optimal for a particular application architecture, it is necessary to conduct a timely analysis of all available resources and compare them. As a result, the developer will receive several important parameters. Each of them will demonstrate the extent to which architecture fits the set of features of future mobile applications.


No modern mobile application could function without a particular architecture of its code. Quality architecture helps developers create applications that are perfect for any user. As a result, even a user who is incompetent in the issue of development will be able to notice, analyze and collect data through the use of a particular application. Thus, if the program is relevant to its architecture, then the application will be practical.

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